5 Amazing Benefits of Being a Freelancer (Or Your Own Boss!)

Published on: August 19, 2019

“I don’t feel like going to work today.”

“My colleagues are strange. I don’t like hanging out with them.”

“If I don’t finish this project by today, my boss will kill me.”

These are common complaints of an employee. You will never hear these words from a skilled freelancer. 

In case you’re unaware what a “freelancer” is, let us explain it to you in the most relatable way. 

You love writing. It’s your biggest passion. With freelancing, you get the opportunity to take your writing talent beyond just passion. You can meet amazing clients looking for skilled writers like you. You write high quality stuff and deliver it to the client. This time, you have made some extra cash writing. You are rewarded for the talent you didn’t know could help you earn!

And this is not just limited to one industry per se. Today, professionals like electricians, painters, plumbers, beauticians, and even cleaners work as successful freelancers. If you have a skill, work on it. Be so awesome that you won’t have to do it for free.

In other words, become YOUR OWN BOSS!

Meanwhile, here are some mind-blowing facts about freelancing:

  • 63% freelance workers choose a work-from-home career instead of a full-time job
  • Study shows that working remotely from home improves productivity and performance by 13%
  • More than 80% of students see freelancing as a profitable career path 

In Nepal, the concept and understanding of freelancing have drastically improved over a few years. Clients from around the world are hiring Nepalese freelancers online in a variety of jobs – creative writing, programming, designing, and more. Professionals from Nepal are creating lasting impression even on international clients. Most importantly, it is solving the country’s most alarming problem – massive unemployment

Workers who cannot find corporate jobs today can easily earn money doing freelance work. This is something that needs to be looked at on a national level. 

However, sometimes an aspiring freelancer has doubts like – “I could never do that”, or “I don’t have the discipline to be my own boss”.

And that’s understandable. Freelancing is not everyone’s cup of tea. With being a freelancer comes the responsibility of strong planning, quality execution, and excellent delivery. It requires you to be skilled at what you do – regardless of the experience – and invest your skills in the projects expertly. You need to be confident in your ability and trust your ethics. Your client will believe in your work only if you do.

Let’s discuss some amazing benefits of being a freelancer.

1.Work in Your Trousers – Literally!

Being a freelancer gives you the freedom that a full-time employee will most likely never have. 82% of freelance workers reported lower stress levels compared to employees. Forget corporate uniforms and IDs, work in your trousers. It’s that simple. Since there isn’t a top-level authority yelling at you, you can be comfortable in your own work. Do it your way, in whatever posture you perform best. 

2. Work from Anywhere – No Table Work!

Desk jobs can be boring, dull, and extremely monotonous. As a freelancer, you have this problem covered. No need to adjust according to an office environment, because you create your own workstation! In best case scenario, all you may need is a laptop, a headset, and a stable internet in your nearby coffee shop. Get in, turn on the laptop, and start working. It’s that easy. Unless the work requires you to travel, working remotely is highly efficient.

3. Control Your Earnings – Decide What You Get Paid 

You will have a steady and attractive flow of income. Say goodbye to waiting for the salary at the end of every week or month. Your pay rates as a freelancer depend exclusively on your skills and portfolio. If you keep on building the number of quality clients, new clients will see you as an expert. Soon enough, you can have multiple sources of income. If a client doesn’t like your pay rate, or doesn’t respect your work, someone else will. Ultimately, it is you who decides when you get paid and how much.

4. Choose What YOU Want to Work on

One of freelancing’s greatest positives. There are unlimited growth opportunities for a freelancer. It lets you explore the areas YOU are interested in, not your company. You are able to make choices based on your individual strengths and abilities. There are hundreds and thousands of projects for you out there. It all depends on what you are good at. Pick one and get started. Learn, grow, and improve with every task. 

5. Balance Your Work and Personal Life

Employees tend to be seriously dissatisfied with strict company policies. They cannot keep up with their work life and personal life. Spending quality time with the family and loved ones is a rare luxury. Taking vacations, off-days, and paid leaves are very difficult and need to be verified by the company. When you are in a freelancing career, you decide when you take vacations. You can always take some time off and get back to it after a good, long break. Flexibility is the key here.

By now, you know it’s obvious that freelancing is exciting, unpredictable, and continuous. If you are looking to start a freelancing career, you are someone who doesn’t like accepting corporate decisions. You are the master of your domain and don’t like to be assigned tasks. The best tip to start a freelancing career would be to work on one of your hobbies. Freelancing is like following a hobby. Your hobbies are what you love doing. When you love what you do, you’ll be brilliant at it. 

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