Enhance your beauty with Beautician Sunita

Published on: August 26, 2019

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Meet the young enthusiastic spirit Sunita, who has turned her passion to a business. After completing +2 level education, she decided to follow her passion, rather then studying further without interest just for degree. Following her dream, she has started the parlor and cosmetic shop at hetauda bazar.

After she see advertisements of Sriyog.com, she feels eager to know about this platform. She gets enlisted as a beautician at hetauda. Now she came to know the power of digital media. She gets regular calls from different people and happy to know about they get her contact details from Sriyog.com. Specially in marriage season, she gets multiple call and remains busy whole season. She also gives training to younger sister and inspire to work. Now she is more active in social media, she has good numbers of followers in her Facebook Page, Instagram. She gives multiple DIY (Do It Yourself) tips and short videos about how to use different make-up tools and cosmetic items.

She is very grateful for Sriyog.com to providing her the digital platforms. Nowadays she prefers as being freelancer much than a shop-keeper. She has got an opportunity to meet different people and enjoy their company. Rather than providing service from one window, Sunita prefers to visit different places, different work culture. Sharing her experience, she remembers the marriage ceremony of Chaudhary culture, one of the renounced business man family, she had a consignment of one week. She enjoyed all the week events also she was earning. The best part of work is that you should be enjoying the work then work become the moments to enjoy. I am never bored at my professionals. I request all my friends and whoever reading this article please do think once again, give a break to your busy schedule and ask few question to your self.

1. Are you enjoying your work?

2. Would you get tired while working, if yes you are in wrong shoe?

3. What actually are you working for big house, bank Balance, big car?

4. Would you like your children to do same what are you doing now, if not then why are you ruining yours?