Hire Sanjaya’s Scorpio from Sriyog.com from Hire car/jeep category.

Published on: August 19, 2019

Sanjaya is 35yrs old lives at Biratnagar. He has been working on this professional since 2011 after he returns from Qatar where he used to work as driver. As he decided to work in his own country he started his service. He came to know about Sriyog.com from his friend Kishor Baskota, then he registers in Hire Car/Jeep Category, he has got tremendous growth in his business. Initially he used to get 1-2 call weekly. Gradually the call rate has been increasing, nowadays he has been getting most of the deals via Sriyog.com.

Sharing his experience, he says he was familiar with the online booking technology as Qatar. He gives a better and competitive rate to his customers, because he had saved here a marketing and service charge like booking agency. He always gives a higher priority to mobile booking and recommend his friends to get updated in digital world. Despite of various booking agents and counter, he got direct call from the customers. He should not be worried about getting customer in stand waiting for customer. He takes rest at his home rather then waiting at stand. His happy customers get retained to get great hospitality and his friendliness. He believes in continuous retained happy customer rather then one-time unhappy customer. He suggests his friends to set a good reputation, better customer experience will help to retain the customers in this field. He says the pricing factor also matters a lot. Rather then being a greedy, a better pricing strategy helps for long term customer return rate. Also Sriyog.com has teach us to self-less service.