How can I start at Sriyog.Com?

Published on: August 26, 2019

Sriyog.Com has details of wide range of professionals nearby you.

Step 1 :- Visit Website / App / Toll free

You can access via multiple channels.

Website :-

App Store :-

Play Store :-

Call Center :- 9852024365

Step 2 : Register 

You can register your profile by providing your mobile number, name and address. Your can add your brief description about your skills, you can set your basic rate and cost of services you provide. 

Step 3 : Get a call and be prepped for the first job

Once you complete your profile, you can set your status AVAILABLE so that provider can access your details to hire you. Getting prepared for the first job, you should be prepared with your communication skills to answer queries about your rate, job, skills and time to perform the task in hand. Your tools and equipments that may require while performing your job should always be intact before you set your status AVAILABLE.

Step 4: Get the job done and paid

As it is a digital platform, people who want to hire you wants quick response and fast service. People presume fast service as quality service. recommends the best charge for your services which has a higher chance getting called time and again by same provider. Since what you charge does not includes any service charges or hidden charges it will be the best offered price for the providers.

Step 5: After the Service

Once the work is done always ask for recommendations. When you complete the task, ask them about the job satisfaction, always keep in mind demanding more than predefined charges often leads to negative recommendations. In contrast offering discounts before asking for recommendations will have a positive impact for your career.