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The hustle and bustle of my daughter’s marriage was making me nervous. I was worried if I would be able to arrange so many things in a short period of time. The beautician friend I knew caught fever just a few days before wedding. Then, I heard about Sriyog from one of my nephews. I visited the website of Sriyog and found beautician under their services. The web portal showed me a number of beauticians around my area, Chapali, Kathmandu. I checked the profile of those beauticians and shortlisted four of them. Talking with them over phone, I chose one based on their portfolio, charges, and availability. She was very professional beautician and made my daughter look like a princess with her magic. The wedding was a blast with everything in order. Since then, I visit the website of Sriyog whenever I need any service and I have never been disappointed

Sumanta Raj Bhattarai

The desktop where we used to store all the documents of our office suddenly stopped working. We were in tension as we were not able to provide services to our clients and also worried that our important files may be lost. We needed an immediate fix. We searched in the internet and found about Sriyog. Browsing through their website, we found that there were number of categories and sub-categories in the service section. We chose “computer/laptop” sub-category under “repairing” category. There were dozens of professionals to choose from and we shortlisted three of them who were located nearby to our place, Chabahil, Kathmandu. We interviewed each of them over phone and hired the most appropriate one, based on the availability, qualification and experience. Our computer was back online in a few hours. I recommend everyone to go through Sriyog, if they need to hire best professionals in a short time.

Roshan Kattel

I had been to Biratnagar for my office work and I needed to get my haircut. I am very conscious about my hairstyle and being new to the city, I was not sure which saloon to visit. My brother from home suggested me to get help from Sriyog. Then, I downloaded Sriyog’s app in my android phone and browsed through the categories. I found several barbers near the hotel I was staying in Main road, Biratnagar. I went through their profile and called a professional based on his experience, skills and knowledge in my desired hairstyle. In an hour, my hair was looking even better than I had dreamed about. Sriyog made it easy for me. Now, when I need any service, the first thing I do is open Sriyog’s mobile app from where I can get the service on the go.

Dilli Ram Shrestha

I heard about Sriyog through one of my friends. I am a busy person with lots of responsibilities of my office. I realized I was not able to dedicate enough time to my son especially during his study hours. I searched about Sriyog in the internet. I saw I could hire a home tuition teacher. I searched the candidates who live around my area, Balkumari, Lalitpur. I found a number of tuition teachers. I shortlisted three of them and talked with them over a call. On the basis of qualification, experience and their available hours, I selected the teacher and I am satisfied with my son’s progress in his study.

Sabina Baskota