Top 10 jobs for students in Sriyog.Com

Published on: August 26, 2019

Now you are the college student, gradually you are getting your own financial affairs apart from your parents. Some of you are living apart from your family too, here come freedom of how you spend your time, where you go. Along with freedom comes the responsibility towards your limited budget and career path.

You must have listen somewhere about the first job dilemma ,”To get a job you need experience, to get  experience you need a job”. What actually this dilemma concludes is your experience, it may or may not be 10-5 jobs experience , HR manager is asking for, they are asking how capable you are at dealing with people, has done any part-time jobs or lead any college campaign or had earn a penny before.

Here Sriyog.Com brings you top 10 jobs you can start to follow your dream, or utilize your free time converting money and experience 

  1. Home Tuitions – Making a student live , enjoy and learn on their own environment is home tuitions. It’s part of fun, motivation and engaging learning methods. We actually know the best methods of learnings, you can start giving time to your neighbor kids to start your first pocket money.
  2. Baby Sitter – Do you enjoy playing with kids, you can make a money enjoying with them. Just playing ,feeding, laughing with kids can be your babysitting jobs. A babysitter is someone who looks after the kids on behalf of their parents so that parents may focus on their higher priorities .
  3. Typist – What’s your speed on keyboard? This skills may help you to get a part time jobs on different publication house or could be hired by writers. English as well as Nepali typist has high demand in market.
  4. Ride Sharing and bill payment – A student with person vehicles may involved in ride sharing applications like ride sharing, bill payment, delivery etc which may leads to extra incomes. 
  5. Photographer and videographer – Following the basic guideline in photography like filling/Using the frame / cropping, understand “The Rule Of Thirds”, look for symmetry/patterns/lines/shapes, watch the background etc can helps to start your passion of photography. Using good amount of light and stabilizing tools can enhance your videography for the first documentary.
  6. Computer Teacher – Do you remember the first time you visited the cyber cafe? Now you can be the computer teacher for the elderly people who wants to adopt the technology. Ticket reservation, mobile banking, facebook , messenger, bill payments from mobile wallets are still a big mess for our parents. Let’s monetize our knowledge . Sharing your experience can make their life easy.
  7. Event Management – Do you still remember sarswati puja , friday programs at school ? These are our basic example of event we operated and this are gradually updated by picnic planning, birthday surprise planning, college tour, college expo, blood donation campaigns. And we called a event management.
  8. Graphic Designer – Shapes, curves, colors and patterns comprise of the basic graphic designing. Understanding of brands colors, fonts family, shadows and color consistency can helps you to start a graphic designing . Why don’t you offer a free page management of your relative business and show your performance? This can start your career in colorful world.
  9. Content Writing – Write an essay about travel experience or your unforgettable moments , was our content writing practice we did while schooling. Writing contents for website, travel blogs , news article , events analysis are highly demanded content writing jobs. Creativity neither can be stolen nor be copied must comes from depth knowledge.
  10. Music and dance teacher – Synchronization the music with musical instruments and body movements are the creativity that can be shared, practiced and learned. This can be facilitated to schools students , studios or events host.