Top 5 reasons to work with Sriyog.Com?

Published on: August 26, 2019

Sriyog is an open platform where any skilled manpower can easily get connected by the required person to help his/her task to be done and monetize.

Wondering around the service market Sriyog.Com is one and only marketplace where you can work as your own, checking out the wonder about this market place you can find the free, yes free no middle man marketplace. Not just like the service market focused on the capital city or few cities, its has spread all over the major cities. Amazing part of it is, it has 18 major categories and 168 sub categories which includes all the service you can think off.

Top 5 Amazing features of Sriyog.Com

  1. It’s free – yeah you read it right. Sriyog.Com is a free and open platform where you can performs your creativity and sell you expertise without any service charges. Apart from the general marketplace all over the world, Sriyog.Com doesn’t charges you ANY for being enrolled.Talking to founder members, on our query about how Sriyog.Com sustains, Founder Prakash Upreti says “We are creating digital platform for everyone who wants to works and earn at Nepal.“
  2. It’s all over Nepal – Starting from Biratnagar Nepal, Sriyog.Com is rapidly growing to all the major cities of Nepal. As a part of global expansion Sriyog.Com are legally registering at Sydney – Australia , Texas – USA, Kerala – India by 2020.
  3. A lots of service Area – It includes 18 major categories and 168 sub categories.Repair, design, cleaning , rituals, event ,travel and tours, vehicles hire, delivery , technicians , medical and multi skilled professionals are the major categories. 
  4. Focused on part-time – Apart from job recruiting sites , Sriyog.Com is completely focused on part-time jobs. Part -time jobs are believed as the jobs with satisfaction and jobs you choose. Rather than focusing of 9-5 boring jobs , Sriyog.Com inspires people to chose the jobs that they love to do. Part- time jobs help the entrepreneurial eco-system promoting the job satisfaction rate.
  5. Create your own profile – By logging in to or via Sriyog App from App Store or Play Store, you can create your own profile. You can upgrade and modify your profile accordingly as you gain more skills. You can get recommended and reviewed by the job providers.