Frequently Asked Questions

To verify the profile, it costs Rs 1,999 including discount for one year at the rate of 200 per month.
By paying the membership fee, an email will be created and your profile will be created on our app within the city you work in, and your profile will be posted on our Facebook page from time to time and you will become a member on our app.
Our office is in PRACAS Infosys Incubation Center above Nepal SBI Bank Limited, Himalayan Road Biratnagar, on the way to Traffic Chowk and Mahendra Chowk.
IME Pay is our Payment Partner. You need to pay from it. You have to search SRIYOG Membership and pay the amount for yourself or for others. Consumer ID is the person who needs membership.
SRIYOG app can be reviewed from Google Play Store. You need to download the app first and express your views.
One has to download the app from the mobile phone and register the details by spending SRIYOG on Google Play Store

To do this on a computer or laptop, using Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Brave or any other web browser, go to website and click on the join button on the top right side or go to join and fill in the details.

The system is very easy, professional can join from website as well as mobile app by submitting full name, phone, city, profession etc.
Unverified professionals have lesser chances to get opportunity. Professionals need to get their profile verification to get listed in our platform.
SRIYOG is gig economy based professional marketplace. We make digital profile of professionals based in their location and their professions to showcase their skills.
SRIYOG allows you to search for verified experts and services, connect directly with certified professionals, and create a digital profile that highlights your talents and experience. Collaborate with professionals and join us as members using IME Pay to have access to unique services.