Frequently Asked Questions

Know the team who is committed to revolutionizing the way the world works.

Sriyog is the digital marketplace for various professionals required for our daily works. We basically collect the contact details of the professionals according to their skills and list them on the basis of their work area so that any individual may access their contact and hire them.
A person can get at least a few professionals of any cities for his help in daily works. You have access of contact details of more than five hundred thousand professionals in your phone.
An individual can get listed on our digital professional marketplace on their designated skills and location so that the service seekers can get connected to ask for their services.
  1. Website
  2. Mobile Apps
  3. Call Center
  4. Training Center
Sriyog is completely free service marketplace till we reach our targeted goals of 5 lakhs professional networks. Our major mission is to provide digital platform to those who want to earn their basic needs. We want to make people respect any part-time job and get busy earning by selling their basic skills and free time.
We are technologically powered by “Pracas Infosys”. It's sustained by our kind hearted team members, making some time and effort for growth of project "SRIYOG".
Home tuitions, Typing, Marketing jobs, Cleaning, Delivery Works, Events related works and many more.
We have special category called Multi-Skilled Females for housewives and others too.
You can get help from our call center. And the number is 9852024365
Apply for ambassador and contribute from your local community.
Anyone who would like to volunteer on our mission to make a 5 lakhs database on 50 major cities of Nepal under 150+ categories. He/she may promote our project to their close group, connection and may represent on potential organization for mutual benefits. Precious suggestion, recommendation, branding guidance, PR and CSR will be appreciated. He/she may use one’s expertise of any categories, location or PR to grow our networks.
We make connection between you and job provider. Once Job Provider needs you, they will call you to offer part-time job.
We help you to discover the possible jobs you can do as you can follow our blogs and get guidance. We also help you to discover nearby training centers and available training courses.
We are completely free platform. We believe in optimizing cost so that a job provider can get best deals nearby.
Get started by verifying your mobile number with location in preferred categories, later do update your profile to show your portfolio to win the job provider trust.
Service doesn’t come with price tag so you define your own boundaries. We recommend you to give best rate to your provider so you get better recommendation and recurring jobs.
We don’t collect CV. You may update your basic info in your Sriyog profile page.
We believe in remote connection and are digitally everywhere.
Yes, you can serve in multiple categories.
No, we only help to connect to the professionals nearby.
It is a natural process of selection. The more your profile is detail, the more you can be trusted and get hired.
Yes, but we request you to volunteer to increase your local professionals.
We show your profile to job provider as per the search done.