SRIYOG has been functioning under a start-up model, is the most recent example of leveraging digital technology to address social problems like unemployment through digital connectivity.

Who We Are

Creating Opportunities for everyone

SRIYOG, which was registered under the Office of the Company Registrar in 2018 to establish direct contact between the people who work and hire skilled skilled manpower by profiling them, and formally started from Kathmandu on 12 September 2019 for digital branding of professionals within the country, has provided thousands of users with easy and It has been providing opportunities to work through different means.

Analyzing the Global Service market, we found unbelievable facts:

  • Local experts have a tremendous market; as a result, they drop the small works whereas starters never get an opportunity to prove themselves.
  • Time management and scheduling are never done
  • The experts and veterans never work to build their team and gain trust. To grab this opportunity, various agencies filled in the space by creating the market and are performing much smoothly
  • But agencies are creating a hectic schedule, paying low to their employees and charging much higher to the service seekers.

Mr. Nagesh Koirala ( Mayor Biratnagar Metropolitan ) expressing his views at “Karmashil Award” program held at Morang Byapar Sangh on 12 September 2022.


Experienced Team

Founded by a group of second-generation entrepreneurs for providing something valuable for society and people who enjoy digital connectivity.


Global Reach

Started from Biratnagar, Nepal, we are gradually growing to cover few major cities of Nepal. As a part of our global expansion, we are opening membership for skilled professionals in New Delhi & Dubai.


Multiple Opportunities

Starting from 24 services, we have upgraded now to 18 categories and 158 sub-categories. We have been continuously upgrading and modifying your service categories as per the user requirements and specification.


AI and ML Integration

By adopting the latest technology and innovation, we are automating our system. Once we are equipped with sufficient database, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine language (ML) can be used to make the user experience much easier.

A Brief History of SRIYOG

Analyzing the global trend of migration, we can find the only reason for skyrocketing foreign employment is that people choose the easy way of grabbing the readymade market rather than creating something new by themselves.

This hampers the distribution of the skilled manpower in the underdeveloped countries and brings imbalance over the global community. Analyzing the Global Service market, we found unbelievable facts.

  • Company Registration

    14th June, 2018

  • Inaugurated at Kathmandu

    12th September, 2019

  • MoU With MAW Skills

    31st December, 2019

  • Karmashil Award Ceremony

    12th September, 2022

  • MoU with IME Pay

    8th February, 2023

  • New App Launched

    17th May, 2024

The Man Behind SRIYOG

PRACAS holds 16+ years of experience in IT Consulting and has been engaged for several years in Web, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Software & Technology Consulting.

An enthusiasm grew and the interest turned into passion. He founded PRACAS Infosys in 21 September 2007 in Biratnagar with a vision to enhance and upgrade the business & services through the Internet.

The passionate technological player, Upreti has been dedicatedly working since 2003 on various projects like ASP, VB, .NET with specialization in Software Testing, Digital Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization & currently serving society with digital transformation. He believes that a research-oriented person can fly a chopper if has a proper manual.